All Sources

Connect easily all your CRM tools
on all channels

CROSS-CRM manages daily interconnection with your tools.

Whether hosted in the cloud or in your information system.

With real time data access

All in the details

Filters, Data Extraction, Custom Views, dates sheets, email subscriptions, xls Extracts, images, pdf

PLUS ! Automated extracts
for integration to third party applications.


... And Productivity

CROSS-CRM Productivity tools !



Unified & Automated
CRM Reporting

A state-of-the-art solution



All the Kpi’S

For precise control of your Customer Relationship

          Interactions      Quality     Satisfaction,  
and also...
         Campains     Forecast       MyClient


Your Agents...

Direct interaction with agents modules
and monitoring progress

Management & tracking of
corrective actions, document sharing


+ Your Customers
 & their Feedbacks

Connect your tools

And build a 360° view of your Interactions
from the management to the feeling generated...