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Surveys and NPS and SAT collection on all channels

Quality monitoring and turnkey data visualization for a customer relationship service provider

"The ETIC group has several production platforms in France, and various professional engagement tools to manage calls and digital conversations more finely.

CROSS CRM made it possible to unify reporting without changing the telephony solution on the various sites, to use different solutions for social networks and digital conversations, to integrate those of customers as needed, but also to better pool resources on the various stages and the various campaigns, according to the flows and the agenda, since the solution they are working on no longer impacts the reporting sent to customers.

These same Customers also have a personalized space to follow their production and assess the quality of interactions, just like the agents who have a complete module for monitoring their progress.

The tool of Quality Monitoring is fully compatible with the prerequisites of the NF SERVICE 345 standard, and the possibilities offered by the tool CRM DataViz with regard to the import of additional data sources, such as customer reviews, conversations on social networks and internal data from the principals' CRMs, are offering interesting possibilities for additional services.

Leaders in their industry choose us

Leaders in their industry choose us