Leaders in their industry choose us

Leaders in their industry choose us

Quotes from experts in the customer relationship industry

  • To save time, we have embarked on a "quality management big data" project. We decided to bring the data from all the tools together on a single platform.
    Working with several service providers, this allows us to have a more homogeneous and reliable view of the KPI's by service provider and by advisor to better measure the ROI. The platform optimizes the work of our sixth center, dedicated to quality management, which measures perceived and delivered quality and draws up a weekly report.
    To date, the platform has generated 20% time savings, knowing that this should increase once managers are familiar with its use. The supervisors' time, thus freed up, is now reserved for workshops, processing requests, working on quality, service attitude, etc ...
    Cyril Fontaine Operations Director
  • CrossCRM has enabled us to have a collaborative tool that is accessible to all the actors of our telesales sites according to the needs related to each business.
    We were able to benefit from continuous support before, during and after the launch of the tool. We were also able to customize CrossCRM to meet the specific needs of the three telesales sites.
    The flexibility of the Customer Square teams and the flexibility of the tool also allows us to develop it, this is a real advantage.
    Despite the health context imposing distance, the solution was easily deployed.CrossCRM has become our main tool for evaluating the quality of speech and allows us to centralize and log the data collected in the form of pre-established and modular reports, to then be able to return them with precision to the teams concerned.
    Delphine Thomas Micorek Telesales Quality Manager
  • "We had the opportunity to appreciate the richness and simplicity of the tool, which allows us to do the 3 essential things in the supervision of the quality of conversations: we can sample the calls which will be used to practice quality monitoring , associate our listening grids without difficulty, and finally, the Speech Analytics module is very powerful, and allows the visualization of the tone of the calls.
    We thus eloquently observe the impact of an employee's work. Travelers rarely call to talk about the rain and the good weather, at first tense, the exchange can evolve towards a peaceful tone, because the person has understood, that we have explained to him. This feedback to the agents is therefore very positive and rewarding. »
    Xavier Bouillevart Training & quality manager
  • I confirm my complete satisfaction in using CROSS CRM, since 2014, and all the features offered to us. We appreciate the intuitive side of programming statistical reports, like the quality module. We have several specific subscriptions made available to important customers.
    We appreciate the responsiveness of the support, which answers us quickly, and finally, we appreciate the commitment of the teams. In summary, we do not regret using Cross CRM at all and are fully satisfied with it.
    Bruno Durieu Operations Director
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