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An ETL dedicated to customer relations


quota management


Imports and exports of data, activation of Workflow, scanning of your data and alerting... we know your business!
- Connectors to CRM software and other data collection tools in the cloud or in your IS
- Visualization, cleaning, exclusion and association of data from different sources
- Programming of rules and frequencies for importing and exporting databases
- Follow-up of imports and management of alerts
- XLs exports on demand and in the format of your choice for all data from your DataWareHouse'


quota management

Simply set up automated SMS and Email alerts for your teams. Based on thresholds and events in our reporting systems, alerts and action requests are automatically sent to the right teams within your organization.

quota management
  • Data import / CRM connectors

    With GetDATA, you immediately have ready-made connectors for your CRM applications: integrate your data from all sources, and then easily determine the populations to be audited and the sources of your CROSS-CRM reports.
    Our powerful priority ETL will also allow you to connect data from your own applications to integrate them into your CRM Dataviz reports.


  • Transformation / Mapping

    Easily configure data transformation rules: Date formats and encoding / Conditional registrations / Joins / conditional queries / Table calculations / Task planning / Conditional flags / Conditional imports / Custom transformation calculations and filters... your all-terrain ETL is this way !

    Transcription and Semantics

  • Exports and Alerts

    Manual and automatic distribution of corrective actions / Monitoring of performance history and Alerts / Interfaces and Flows with third-party systems / Email / SMS alerts ... everything is ready to give meaning and real impact to your analyzes in CROSS-CRM

    Transcription and Semantics

  • ODBC external flags

    Directly enrich your CRM data available in your tools or by injecting ratings and comments, or even automatically trigger alerts, corrective actions or IT processes to remedy the dissatisfactions detected via CROSS-CRM

    Transcription and Semantics

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GetDATA: Collection of multi-channel CRM data

NPS collection GetDATA is our powerful ETL designed specifically to collect real-time data from CRM applications in the cloud or in your infrastructures. Over time, we have created a large number of connectors for all your customer engagement tools (call centers, chat and email tools, CRM, social and digital networks).

Create or modify your connectors at will, management and monitoring of imports, alerts and notifications, centralized sources, and mobile access. Already 40 ready-made connectors + your custom connectors 'on demand'!


NPS collection SenDATA allows you to build XLS / CSV reports at your leisure, or, when connected to your Cross-CRM tables, to send alerts by sms or email when the set thresholds are reached or exceeded, on quality subjects customer relations, productivity, satisfaction, or all the data available in your Cross-CRM Modules.


NPS collection Interfaces / Flows with third-party systems Consult us for a personalized diagnosis!


Transcription and SemanticsWith GetDATA, you immediately have ready-made connectors for your CRM applications: integrate your data from all sources,

Transcription and Semantics

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